2017 Prom and Homecoming Pricing

During your pre-dance mini-shoot, we’ll take lots of pictures,¬†including individuals and couple/BFF poses. Couple and BFF shoots take about 10-15 minutes, while group pictures only take about 3 minutes.

Couples, BFF’s, and Individual Portraits: $30 per person Each person will receive three of their favorite images to download as a digital file that you may print on your own or post online.

***Additional images will be available for purchase as digital files or prints.***

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Text 916-465-1830 or email me at to book your prom shoot!

Ok, so, here’s all the info again:¬†

PRICE: $30/person (or $60/couple, same thing)
WHAT YOU GET: Each person will receive a code to download their three favorite photos from an online gallery, for a total of six photos per couple. Additional downloads and prints are also available for purchase.
LOCATION: All locations are up in the air still.¬†However, they’re usually somewhere in the Orangevale/Folsom area, occasionally downtown at the state captiol. Where I do photos each weekend depends on a few things: if it’s rained that week, where most of my attendees are coming from, how stinkin’ hot it’s going to be that day, etc., so I have to decide on those locations one week at a time and post them on social media when they’re decided.