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My Class of 2014 school year  was much busier than I ever expected! It was awesome to be that busy with photography, and I was thrilled that so many seniors wanted ME to create their senior portraits. However, my life got a little hairy for a while. You see, I have two littles: Bowen, who is three years old, and Rhona, who just turned one last month. They are still so little and need a lot of attention from me. So, working at home was really hard with them climbing all over me while I sat at the computer, and I ended up staying up into the wee hours of the night many times to get my editing and orders done. I vowed that things would be different for my Class of 2015 school year, and I’ve made some changes to my workflow and system. I’m hoping that my new schedule will help me keep my sanity and keep things from getting too hectic. These changes will also make a huge difference in my client experience, so hopefully this will help set me apart from my competition.:-)

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Folsom Senior Photographer: Sarah’s Senior Portraits, Class of 2014

2014 was a bittersweet year for me, because my baby brother, Peyton, and my baby mini-me cousin, Sarah, are graduating from high school. Sarah has really blossomed into a gorgeous girl. She might be one of the biggest dorks I know, but she’s sure a pretty dork. 😛

Sarah has a busy schedule, so I told her we’d go out for like 45 minutes and only do a couple outfits so that she could be in and out and get it done. Well, she surprised me with three or four outfits, and some serious modeling skills that I didn’t know she had. We ended up shooting for about an hour down at Browns Ravine at Folsom Lake. I love shooting there because there is such a great variety of backdrops. There is tall grass, wild flowers, and oak trees, all with the most ideal light shining through behind the trees. Plus there are the boat docks for a classic nautical look.

Here’s a slideshow of Sarah’s senior portraits!


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