What kind of camera do you have?
I have a Nikon D750 and a collection of awesome lenses.

Are you looking for interns or assistants?
Not at the moment.

Do you do family portraits? Can my family jump into my session for a few shots?
I will book stand-alone family portrait sessions as my schedule allows, with current senior clients’ families getting priority. If you’d like to bring your family along to your senior portraits, they are welcome to jump in for a few shots at the beginning or end of your session, and prints, holiday cards, and wall art may be ordered from those shots.

Do you shoot weddings or engagements?
I will shoot engagement sessions as my schedule allows, but I don’t take weddings.  My friend Susanne Ashby ROCKS weddings. Go see her site and hire her for your wedding! You won’t be sorry.

When is the best time to get my senior portraits done?
If your school allows you to submit your own photo to the yearbook, then you’d need to have your senior portrait session at least a month before the submission deadline. These deadlines are usually in October. If your school uses a designated studio for yearbook pictures, then there’s really no deadline for your photos with me. However, do not wait until the last minute to have your senior portraits done. It’s no fun trying to get your announcements designed and ordered in time for graduation. I recommend having your portrait session during the summer before or the autumn of your senior year.

I don’t see a lot of photos of guy seniors on your web site. Will you do senior portraits for guys?
Yes! I specialize in senior girls, but I love the chance to get outside of my norm and shoot a session with a guy senior. I post photos of every client on Facebook, so that’s where you’ll see the guys.

When my older children were graduating from high school, this type of experience was not available and/or we couldn’t afford it for them at the time. How can I justify doing this type of thing for my youngest when I didn’t do it for her older sisters?
This is precisely why I offer family portraits to my senior clients. During the family portrait session, we’ll get all the group shots and different combinations of family members, but I’ll also spend a little time with each person individually so that they have some awesome portraits of themselves. You see,  I believe that it is really important to show your children how loved and cherished they are by honoring them on the walls of your home with their beautiful photos. When you display a beautifully made canvas or framed print of your child, imagine how special they must feel! As a mother, I firmly believe in immortalizing our families in photographs. So, let’s get some updated photos of your whole family up on your walls!

Do you ever need models?
Sometimes! When I have a creative shoot planned and I’m looking for someone with a specific “look”, I’ll place casting calls on my Facebook page and my Instagram. Make sure you follow me on social media so that you can know right away! You can also get on my go-to model list by applying here: www.morganwerner.com/models.

Can I do a fully styled and themed shoot for my senior portraits?
YES! Those are the best kind! Talk to me about your ideas. I’d love to make your shoot into an absolute fairy tale.

How many outfits should I bring on my shoot?
Three outfits for the 1-hour session, and six outfits for the 2-hour session. Even more than that if you are having a beach session in Carmel. If you feel stuck putting together your outfits, lay some out on your bed, text me pictures, and I can help!

Can I bring props? Or my pet?
Yes! Please do! The main purpose of your senior portraits is to commemorate who you are, right now. Do you play a sport or an instrument? Do you have a pup you couldn’t live without? Are you a horseaholic? Bring some props or your pet or horse so we can include that in your custom senior portraits.

Do I have to use your makeup artist for my senior portraits?
I strongly suggest booking my stylist for your senior portrait makeup, if you aren’t booking a session that already includes it. Trust me, my makeup artists make everyone look fabulous. Like, seriously. If you want to look as gorgeous and flawless as the rest of the girls on my website, you use them. 😉

What about my hair? I don’t know what to do with it!
We can take care of that, too! A couple of my stylists can do hair, too. Let me know if you’d like to book hair with them.

How long will my session last?
1 to 2 hours (or more!), depending on which session you booked.

Can I bring someone with me?
Sure! But please keep it down to one person. If your mom is going to make you feel nervous and self-conscious, don’t bring her. Bring your BFF instead. 😉

Where will we shoot my session?
During your consultation, I’ll ask you if you prefer a country setting or an urban setting. I know of a lot of awesome places, so if you don’t have any idea where you want to go, I’ll hook you up, don’t worry!

Will you travel to me or my dream destination for my senior portraits?
YES. I love the chance to get outside of the Sacramento area for a session. Can you imagine doing your senior portraits on the beach? Contact me for special destination pricing.